Email Directory

Dunlace Public School uses an email directory to communicate important updates about school programs to parents and caregivers.

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL), which came into force on July 1, 2014, requires us to obtain your consent to receive electronic communications. To subscribe to this list, please click on the link below.

Dunlace requires your consent to send any electronic messages that promote, advertise or offer for sale anything including school pictures, field trips, yearbooks, food programs such as pizza lunch, event tickets or entry fees, fundraising events or items, or similar events or offers to sell goods and services. Please note that this consent applies to commercial messages. The Legislation does not require your consent for us to send you non-commercial electronic messages.

If you wish to make changes to your subscription (e.g. update your child/childrens’ grades or unsubscribe), either click on the links at the bottom of any email you receive from or click on the link below.

Please use this link in order to subscribe to the Dunlace mailing list or to update (or unsubscribe) your existing email list subscription.

If you require any assistance please email