Dunlace Public School was opened in 1962, replacing the original Oriole Public School that served the community since 1826. Our school serves approximately 460 students. We are part of the East Region 16 Family of Schools, Ward 13.

We are a triple track school offering regular English, Early and Extended French Immersion programs. The French Immersion and Extended French Programs are considered specialized programs at the TDSB and have very particular admission procedures. On the www.tdsb.on.ca website, there is information as of December/ January regarding the process, the deadlines and the advertising of the information sessions that are offered at all schools throughout the month of January.

The school site includes a full gym facility, and a computer lab housed in the library. The grounds include: two adventure playgrounds (one belonging to the childcare centre and the other to the school); a kindergarten playground, basketball hoops; a baseball diamond; a soccer field and outdoor classrooms.

An independent Daycare Centre, whose philosophy supports and extends that of the school, is housed in the building.